You’re a small business. You know that engaging people quickly is more important than ever. But money is tight, you can’t afford a full time communications expert and have no experience in communications or writing. Where do you go for help?

Have you thought about hiring a freelancer?

This is a great way to access some of the best professionals around at less than the cost of a full-time salary, without having to compromise on the talent you need.

Top 5 reasons why freelance communicators are great for your small businesses:

  1. Value for money.

You pay for what you get – either by the hour or by the project, and because we often work from home they have fewer overheads so are better value for money.

  1. Quality professional expertise

Is it time to think a bit more creatively? Hiring high quality writer or communications professional for shorter hours could be more cost effective than hiring someone with less experience, full time. Just because someone isn’t in your office doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t do a great job. Ignoring the freelance marketplace means your business could be missing out on a huge bank of talent that is out there.

  1. Fresh eyes

Copywriters are experts at communicating through writing, and freelancers are independent, so we are able to step back with fresh eyes, free of preconceptions to see you and your business as if they were a new client or customer.

  1. Personal touch

Freelancers often have a small number of local clients. We can spend time getting to know you, your company, product or service. We will also painstakingly research your target audience to find out what makes them tick, and tailor our writing to reach them.

  1. Better for your business

Leaving your communications in the hands of the experts means you will be able to focus on what you do best – running your business (and also to drink your coffee before it goes cold).

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