Many smaller businesses believe that because they haven’t got the cash for a retainer with an established PR firm, they can’t do communications well. This is not necessarily the case. With a bit of work, research and a small amount of money, you can improve how you communicate with your customers, increase your visibility and grow your business.

Here are my top 6 ways to improve your PR…

  1. Sort out your website

Your website is your window on the world and first impressions count! Make sure that your homepage is clear about who you are and what you do – with great pictures and clear and concise writing.

  1. Build up your contacts

Find out who the key local journalists are in your subject area, and what they like to write about. See if you can arrange to meet them.

  1. Make yourself an expert

Journalists love ‘industry experts’. The next time there is an item in the news linked to your area of expertise, contact the journalist and offer your expert opinion. They may approach you next time around.

  1. Target your ‘news’

Work out who your audience is and what they are interested in – a good story for your specialist industry magazine will not be the same as a good story for your local newspaper.

  1. Social media

Get yourself a twitter account and a facebook page and start connecting with people in your industry. Offer your opinions, and get involved in debate but always remember that what you post or tweet carries your reputation with it.

  1. Hire a flexible communicator!

Just because you can’t afford a PR agency, doesn’t mean that you can’t get professional help. There are affordable professional freelancers who you hire when you need some communications advice, copywriting work or help on a one-off PR campaign – this needn’t cost the earth but could save you money and a whole lot of time in the long run.

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